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Equifax Breach – Steps You Should Take

As you may have seen on the news over the last 24 hours, Equifax – one of the three major credit reporting agencies – had a significant data breach at the beginning of this summer.  If you’ve ever run a credit report in the past, it’s likely your personal information was exposed.  Per reports, the […]

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My Identity’s Been Stolen, Now What?

Key Takeaways: Over 3 million Americans are projected to be the victim of tax-related identity theft in 2015. If you are notified by the IRS that your taxes were filed multiple times for the year, it might be that your Social Security number has been compromised. If you’re identity has been stolen, it’s important to […]

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Protecting Yourself Online

For those who have had concerns about the Internet and its security, there was recently an “I told you so” moment.  Encrypted channels for online communication that were thought to be secure were identified as being at risk due to a flaw in the programming.  The compromised programming was widely used among the Internet’s most secure […]

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