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Expected Sources of Premium Stock Returns Part IV: Risk Premiums, Lucky Monkeys and Patient Practice

In our series of posts so far, we’ve described how and why we have identified small-company and value stocks as likely ongoing sources for risk premiums. This begs one more question: Why not just get out of various return factors when they’re underperforming and get back in when things are looking up? The Market-Timing Myth […]

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The Three Most Dangerous Words in Investing: “We All Know …”

In my 30-plus years of experience in investment management, the three most dangerous words I hear are those found in observations that begin with, “We all know…” We all know … that stocks are overpriced (or underpriced). We all know … that interest rates are about to rise (or fall). We all know … that […]

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Making Lemonade from Lemons (An Oldie But Goodie)

Key Takeaways • Don’t let taxes drive investment decisions • Every portfolio experiences losses at one time or another. Use those losses to your advantage • Be mindful of the timing of trades especially in light of the wash sale rules We often talk, especially towards year end, about loss harvesting or harvesting your losses, […]

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