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The Return of Volatility

During May, the worlds capital markets saw a sharp increase in volatility that was accompanied by falling prices. Importantly, successful long-term investors are able to put short-term negative events into perspective and that allows them to capitalize on the long-term returns offered by stocks. This blog post offers evidence that short-term negative results are not […]

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In Search of Higher Returns?

¬†   1.8% That’s all you can expect to earn over the next ten years if you¬†invest in Ten Year US Treasury Notes. Doesn’t seem very attractive to you? You aren’t alone. These days, investors are searching for ways to increase the yield on their portfolios. In the bond market, there are two basic ways […]

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Fear, Greed and Investment Decision Making

Fear and greed cause investors to make bad decisions. Meir Statman is a pioneer in behavioral finance, the branch of economics that considers the influence of emotions on investor decision making. We had the opportunity to interview Meir after seeing his presentation at a recent conference. Among other things, he discussed: How framing and hindsight […]

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