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Behavioral Factors That Influence Investment Decisions

In my previous post we looked at the four keys to understanding factors that impact investment risk and return. Here we’ll explore the human factors that influence investment decisions more than you might think. No matter how much discipline and empirical research they have at their disposal, the clear majority of investors have difficulty sticking […]

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Is Survivorship Bias Haunting Your Investment Choices?

I’ve written before about behavioral biases, and how they can trick you into abandoning your investment resolve. For example, it’s easy to succumb to recency bias, giving breaking news more weight than it deserves in your financial plans. Or we regularly see investors fall for herd mentality, chasing and fleeing popular but ill-fated trends. As if our human foibles weren’t enough, the data we […]

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It’s All In The Wiring

Humans just aren’t programmed to be disciplined about their money. But there are five key steps you can take to become a more successful and consistent investor. Key Takeaways Too frequently we invest emotionally rather than rationally and reacting to our emotions can hurt our results. Focus on what you can control—not on what you […]

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