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All about Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Key Takeaways: Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) continue to grow in popularity. HSAs offer many tax benefits to participants and may also be used for other expenses in retirement. Consider your personal health situation carefully before enrolling in an HSA. As premiums and out of pocket costs for healthcare continue to rise, individuals are looking to […]

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What is the Backbone of an Evidence-Based Portfolio?

An accumulation of studies since the 1950’s has identified three risk factors that form the backbone of an evidence-based portfolio. They are:  The Equity Premium – The additional return investors should expect to earn for taking the risk of investing in stocks rather than short-term bonds. (6.27% per year since July, 1926)*  The Small Cap […]

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Markets Work

The evidence is clear. Markets do a great job of setting prices. Markets aren’t perfect but they do such a good job that they make it nearly impossible for investors to outguess the markets and cover their costs. We, at Independence Advisors, know that this runs counter to what investors are told on a daily […]

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What’s An Investors Most Important New Year’s Resolution?

Avoid this pattern of behavior by using the DR Strategy…   Greed and Fear conspire to disrupt even the most well considered investment strategy and those emotions are formidable opponents for most investors. Quite simply, the majority of investors have a hard time resisting the emotions of greed and fear. The data is clear on […]

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Making Lemonade from Lemons

We often talk, especially towards year end, about loss harvesting or harvesting your losses.  While no one likes losses in his or her portfolio, this technique is the equivalent of making lemonade from lemons.  Though tax considerations shouldn’t be the primary driver of your investing decisions, losses will occur in every portfolio at one time […]

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Thoughts on Raising Financially Responsible Children

Teaching financial responsibility to children is a great way to provide them with knowledge and experience that will help them grow into financially stable adults.  Our first lessons about money come from our parents and they set the frame-work for the critical lessons and behaviors to promote healthy money attitudes and habits in children. Lessons […]

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2013 Tax Law Changes

2013 Year-End Tax Planning Considerations

As the end of the 2013 tax year approaches, set aside some time to evaluate your situation. Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider potential year-end tax moves. The tax landscape has changed for higher-income individuals This year a new 39.6% federal income tax rate applies if your taxable income exceeds […]

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