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Markets Work

The evidence is clear. Markets do a great job of setting prices. Markets aren’t perfect but they do such a good job that they make it nearly impossible for investors to outguess the markets and cover their costs. We, at Independence Advisors, know that this runs counter to what investors are told on a daily […]

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Estate Planning Checklist

Make sure family members know where to find your essential documents and contact information. Key Takeaways Sometimes it’s the simplest, but most important things that get overlooked in estate planning. Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of essential information you need to share with loved ones. These and other checklists can help get you organized. […]

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My Parents Can’t Manage Alone. What should I do?

Are one or both of your  parents having health  problems, suffering mental lapses, or just slowing down with age?  Do you find they can’t manage on their own anymore?  If so, you’ll want to consider the various living arrangements that are available to older individuals.  Before you begin, however, you’ll want to talk to your […]

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Decanting a Trust

The Basics A trust is a legal relationship where someone (the grantor) arranges with another (the trustee) to hold property for the benefit of a third-party (the beneficiary). The grantor transfers a split ownership of property–legal ownership to the trustee and beneficial ownership to the beneficiary. The grantor names the beneficiary and trustee and establishes […]

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Why You Need a Power of Attorney and Medical Directive

The following story, albeit a difficult one, highlights the importance of a medical directive and a durable power of attorney.  Without these documents in place, you and your family could face personal and financial disaster at the same time. It’s late at night and you’re waiting for your husband to arrive home from a business […]

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