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Preventing Financial Elder Abuse – Part I

Advisors and family members can team up on a loved one’s behalf. Key Takeaways The vast majority of financial elder abuse is perpetrated by family members and caregivers—not by strangers and professional crooks. Only a tiny fraction of elder abuse is actually reported. Look for the warning signs of financial elder abuse. As many of […]

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My Son’s Surprise 18th Birthday Present: Not What He Expected, But It Will Keep On Giving

Key Takeaways Once your child turns 18, the law prevents you from making certain important financial decisions on his or her behalf. Purchase basic estate documents for your child: will, durable POA, healthcare POA. Help your child select a credit card (with reasonable limits and rates) to establish a credit history. I wrote this blog […]

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Managing Household Records

Spring cleaning and tax season go together like peanut butter and jelly. Every year we are faced with decisions about what to keep and what to throw away. How long do I need to keep my tax returns? Receipts? Brokerage trade confirmations? Having a system to find these records is just as important as deciding […]

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Index Investing: Opportunities & Obstacles

Legend has it, a pharmacist named John Pemberton was searching for a headache cure when he tried blending Coca leaves with Cola nuts. Who knew his recipe was destined to become such a smashing success, even if Coca-Cola® never did become the medicine Pemberton had in mind? In a similar vein, when Charles Dow launched […]

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Stock Market Index Mechanics: Interesting Idiosyncrasies

Key Takeaways It all started with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, but its time is over How many individual securities does an index need to track to correctly reflect its target market? How well do you really know what your index is up to? Market indexes. You read about them all the time, such as […]

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Market Indexes: A Few Points about Index Points

As we covered in our last piece, indexes have their uses. They can roughly gauge the mood of a market and its participants. If you’ve got an investment strategy that’s designed to capture that market, you can see how your strategy is doing in comparison … again, roughly. You can also invest in an index […]

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Understanding Stock Market Indexes Part I: Indexes Defined

Key Takeaways A stock index represents a part or the total stock market Indexes can be used to gauge investment performance for a market segment Indexes are not predictive Since nearly every media outlet on the planet reported the news, you probably already know that the Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 20,000 for the first […]

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