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Is There an Error On Your Credit Report? Next Steps To Take

Let’s look at why your credit report is important, and if you find an error – how to handle it.

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Home Equity Conversion Mortgages – Important Changes!

HECM’s are not your grandfather’s reverse mortgage, but rules are changing for this increasingly popular financial tool!

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Is My Will Enough?

This isn’t a post about willpower and accomplishing one’s goals. It’s about the essential estate planning document known as a will. Everyone should have these three key estate planning documents:

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Choosing an IRA Beneficiary? Choose Wisely…

Your choice of beneficiary(s) for your IRA can have major tax consequences. Choose wisely with your advisor’s counsel. Leaving your IRA to an individual is a simple and flexible solution. Leaving your IRA to a trust is more complex and requires the advice of an experienced estate attorney.

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What Happens to My IRA When I Die?

Most people’s wills do not specify or control what happens to their IRAs. That’s because an IRA has its own distribution schedule that operates independently of a person’s will. IRAs have beneficiary designations that are created when the IRA is opened. These beneficiary designations should be reviewed on a regular basis and can be changed with written notice at any time prior to one’s death. Most people name their spouse as their primary beneficiary and then their children as contingent beneficiaries, with the children splitting their shares equally.

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Key Estate Planning Documents

Estate planning is a vital component of every financial plan, regardless of the size of the estate. Unfortunately, it’s also an area that is commonly overlooked. This often results in wasted dollars and emotional hardship that could otherwise be minimized with proper advance planning and action.

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Preventing Financial Elder Abuse – Part II

Advisors and family members can team up on a loved one’s behalf In Part I, we looked at the sources and warning signs of elder financial abuse.  In this installment, we will talk about how to work with the elderly once they have become victims and how to prevent elder financial abuse. Don’t shame elders […]

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